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Swami Vivekananda mission is situated in Kadaladi village, T.V malai District. It is 20km for away from Tv malai.Its located in chengam to polur state National Highway . this mission is working so many social activities past 10 years. We are doing service in total Taminadu. We are conducting pre kg to 5th standard Education station. For poor children. We are issuing Note bookes, books, we are conducting lamp pooja in any village one a Month. We are doing all the help for that. Yearly once we are issuing the new dress for drountrodden, we are issuing "Annadanam" Free food. We are conductly Rally on vivekanda Birthday on Jan 12th by 1000 students, youth leadership program is conducted in Every 6th month and also skill development program. March 8th women day celebraded in our area regarding the day women officer to celebrated the day. We are remembering the history of our country courage women and telling the self confidence and boldness.

Now we are taking sister Nivatitha message to all the village. Due to 150 "Jayanthi function" for poor children.we are issues pen, note book, prizes,and certificate with Vivekananda books. Our aim "The truth to world is our goal" In Thiruvannamalai related area,we are teaching thinking and acting of Vivekananda preaching. We must follow the principle of Vivekananda is our aim. Those who understand the swami Vivekananda and sister Nivethitha. He can live and achieve success in the society. Language affection, country affect and Indian culture, Heritary and teaching sacrifice are teaching is god swami Vivekananda mission aim.

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Especially for woman the following special framing are given by Tue mission. 1 Tailoring 2 Beauty parlor 3 Typin Practice 4 yoga 5 Health related tips and ect weakly once yoga practice is given for woman and Free health checkup and free eye camp are conducted by vivekanand mission "youth seva sangam" is started in every village and doing dedicated service in t.v.malai district.

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Sri Ramakrishna
Numberless are the rivers, but the ocean is one. Innumerable are the religions , but the divinity is one.
Annai Sri Saratha Devi
Annai Sri Saratha Devi
I am as much the mother of the wicked as I am the mother of the virtuous.
Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekanandar
Our goal is to living the TRUTH to the world.
Sister Nivedita
Sister Nivedita
India is a vast university, and every child born with in her borders ours to her I service of a student.

Our Service Team

Lion S.A. Jayaprakash
Lion S.A. Jayaprakash

Founder of Mission

Lion Sree Banu Niveditha
Lion Sree Banu Niveditha

Activity Secretary

Lion G. Balaji
Lion G. Balaji

Administrative Secretary

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Lion S.A. Jayaprakash, Kadaladi(po), Kalasapakkam (Tk) Tiruvannamalai (Dt) Tamil Nadu. India
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E-mail: Swamivivekanandha1979@gmail.com Phone: 9442811833, 9487263506